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For Career Growth and Leadership

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I'm Ramesh V J,

Career and Leadership Coach. I have acquired a special set of psychic abilities as a Coach to align Spiritual Lifestyle for Career Growth and Leadership Skills for Professionals. Which in turn will lead to abundance in so many other areas like Wealth, Health, Relationship, Being, Behavior, and more.

All I need is

1mandalam (48 days)

To dissect your current Spiritual Lifestyle and prepare a roadmap for Career and Leadership Skills to soar with a Mach Speed of 10. You have to spend just 1 hr weekly call and a few mins each day for 1mandalam (48 days) with the Spiritual Lifestyle alignment blueprint custom tailored for you.

Due to COVID-19

If U Can't Go Outside, Go Inside

All great changes are preceded by chaos. This is the right time to invest in your Spiritual Lifestyle Transformation for Career and Leadership skills. 

Build Your Professional Career At Lockdown

Keep Calm and Progress

Keep Calm and Progress

Keep Calm and Progress


In this tough time, the 1mandalam program will help you fine-tune your Spiritual Lifestyle. 

Learn New Things

Keep Calm and Progress

Keep Calm and Progress


The program will help you learn more things in your career. You will have access to tools.

Be Productive

Keep Calm and Progress

Set Career Path


It will help you be productive in whatever you do related to your career and its parts.

Set Career Path

Climb the Ladder

Set Career Path


I will help you in setting a career path. With which you can walk swiftly like never before.


Climb the Ladder

Climb the Ladder


All the corporates are looking for the right candidates for their higher positions. 

Climb the Ladder

Climb the Ladder

Climb the Ladder


I will make you climb the professional ladder faster if you are coachable and consistent.

It's Time

Do the Right Thing

There was never a time in the history of this planet humans had plenty of time like this, enroll in the 1mandalam program and chisel your Professional Career Growth and Leadership Skills.


Need More Time ?

Please go through the entire site and feel free to contact me ( if you have any queries. Remember Time is running out and I'm waiting here to transform your Spiritual Lifestyle in 48 days. 

Invest Ur 48 Days online

Welcome to the 1mandalam

My fellow spiritual seeker, your persistent search in spiritual lifestyle alignment for your career growth and leadership skills leads you to me. I'm blessed and honored to come in contact with you.  

Is Spirituality Calling You ?


Are You Out of Alignment ?

Do you feel you are out of alignment with your spiritual life ? Then its time to take the 1mandalam program. It will align you with the axis of Universe.


Do You Feel Something Missing ?

What is missing is not outside, It's all inside. 1mandalam program will carefully open the doors inside you for exploration. You will experience spiritual transformation in detail inside yourself. 


Tired of Limitations ?

You are bound to go beyond limits. The seed for it is already there inside you. 1mandalam program will water the seed. It will grow and reach the sky. All you have to do is practice the program every day.

How I Can Help in Your Professional Career

Dissolving Confined Identity

Creating Infinite Possibilities

Creating Infinite Possibilities

The only one who is holding you back is you. My program is designed spontaneously in a way just to set you free by dissolving your confined identity. It will be custom tailored . 

Creating Infinite Possibilities

Creating Infinite Possibilities

Creating Infinite Possibilities

Once you dissolve your confined identity, the Universe will become yours. You can create infinite possibilities on the go. I make sure you will get maximum possibilities.

To Live an Extraordinary Life

Creating Infinite Possibilities

To Live an Extraordinary Life

The study shows that for those who choose to live an extraordinary life the whole cosmos bends. Nothing can stop them. They are the ones who make this planet move. 

Welcome to the 1 Mandalam, 48 Days transformation program to shed light on all corners of life
Abundance in


As part of the 1mandalam program, I will coach you to find your relationship with Wealth from your childhood days.  Following that, I will help you to clear the mental blockage for receiving enormous Wealth from all corners of your personal and professional life.

Welcome to the 1 Mandalam, 48 Days transformation program to shed light on all corners of life
Abundance in


Once you taste the essence of who you are, Health will fall into place without any effort from your side. I will make sure you will be at your peak state so alive brimming with the life force in every cell of you. 

Welcome to the 1 Mandalam, 48 Days transformation program to shed light on all corners of life
Abundance in


No one is an island. The fragrance of the unselfish human heart is unconditional love which is the basis for all long-lasting relationships. As part of the 1mandalam program, I will make you emit and receive unconditional love all your life. You will become a beacon of never-ending love.   

Welcome to the 1 Mandalam, 48 Days transformation program to shed light on all corners of life
Abundance in


It is the canvas on which your whole life is painted every moment. I will make sure your Being is set free and spread its wings for the benefit of you and humankind at large. Be ready to witness it.

Going Strong

1mandalam Community

We are already having a vibrant 1mandalam community from different professions who are all working on their spiritual lifestyle alignment in 48 days.

1mandalam Program Fee

We want this program to be available to everyone. At the same time no compromise on the quality of the deliverables. For 48 days of WhatsApp / Phone call / Zoom interaction, we can charge you bare min. of INR $200 but we stick to $99 as the final price. 

Advance 1mandalam Program Fee

Once you completed 1mandalam and tasted the sweet success from the nectar of the Universe. If you wish you can enroll in the Advance 1mandalam Program for the next 48 days where you will learn how to sustain and explore multiple dimensions of life. Fee for it is $199 

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If you are coachable. You can witness miracles ... 

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